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April 05 2018

Interview with Emanuele Frisa, Founder and CEO of Hybrid Betting

Great interview that the missus did with the founder of a project I’m currently working on.

March 16 2018

March 07 2018

February 25 2018

Interview with Joey Slater-Milligan, Author of Psy


Author of Psy, Joey Slater-Milligan, who is also a backing vocalist in @wheatusofficial-blog, and musician in @theventuraproject and Grim All Day, was interviewed by @HammyHavoc and Mary Ann Mahoney! She discusses writing, self-publishing, and what it’s like to be married to someone in two of the same bands she’s in!

Did a great interview with Joey Slater-Milligan.

February 23 2018

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Today we are proud to announce the availability of our photography services to the public starting with Fiona McGeoch and @HammyHavoc.

Book today or contact us for specifics! https://www.splitanatom.com/services/photography-services/

My integrated marketing agency, Split An Atom, is now offering photographic services! Book Fiona McGeoch or me today. :- )

February 14 2018

Split An Atom Named Top UK Agency… Again | Split An Atom


Split An Atom named a Top UK Advertising Agency… again! We also walk away with 3 other Clutch awards!

My company, @splitanatom, has been named a Top UK Advertising Agency again. We also walk away with awards for Top UK Public Relations, Top UK Content Marketing, and Top UK Video Production. Truly humbled by all the hard work the team has put in over the years to get us to the point. Thank you!

Split An Atom Featured As Top UK Agency 2017 | Split An Atom


We have been recognized as a 2017 Top UK Advertising Agency by Clutch!

Here’s my big news. My company, Split An Atom, has been recognized as a 2017 Top UK Advertising Agency.

A special thanks to our team and our clients who have elevated us to a new level in the past few years, you made this possible. Truly humbled.

February 13 2018

Interview with Leo Jeremias, Founder and CEO of Tris


@HammyHavoc interviewed Leo Jeremias, founder and CEO of Tris about their Initial Keyword Offering, search engine, and social layer on every website and web page! Click the link to read it! https://www.previousmagazine.com/interview-leo-jeremias-founder-ceo-tris

Did a great interview. If you’re in marketing or in any way concerned about SEO, you should read it; the potential to permanently own the #1 search spot on a new search engine that’s picking up traction!

Motamec Racing Modular Tool Cart Review


Hammy reviews the brilliant Motamec Racing Modular Tool Cart! It splits into four separate toolboxes!

Did a review of my new toolbox!

January 31 2018

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New Post has been published on https://www.splitanatom.com/split-atom-named-top-uk-agency/

Split An Atom Named Top UK Agency… Again

My integrated marketing agency, Split An Atom, was named a top UK agency again. Read more here.

December 22 2017

December 20 2017

October 22 2017

October 12 2017

October 08 2017

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